We book radio and television interviews, place op-eds, garner reviews, consult with authors on content and strategy and help build powerful online platforms. But, there’s much more to us than that. Our work is our worship. We serve the Lord with our work by serving those who want to share Him with the world. We see our clients as family, as our brothers and sisters in Christ and long after our contract expires, our relationship doesn’t. Neither does the impact He’s used us to make, together.

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We book radio, tv and podcast interviews. We also help craft op-ed pieces for big national online and print outlets. Whether it’s a full-service PR campaign for a major publishing house or for a first-time, self-published author, we have the tools and resources to help.

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Speaking Events

Our authors speak at major conferences, churches and events from coast to coast. We can help, from identifying events and booking appearances, to travel and more.

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Social & Digital

Our team has produced podcasts for some of the country’s biggest media networks and ministries and we can help you produce yours, from scratch. We also build websites and can manage your social media.

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DIY Toolkit for Indie authors

We’ve been blessed to work with so many truly amazing people over the course of nearly two decades in the industry. In fact, over 400 authors, ministries, non-profits and experts have trusted us to find their messages an audience over the years.