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President / Founder of Cooke Pictures | Hollywood Film Producer | Media, Leadership Consultant | Author

  • As the only film producer in Hollywood with a PhD in theology, he possesses a very rare ability to discuss movies, TV and other entertainment from the perspective of both the film industry and the faith-based audience
  • He doesn’t speak in prefab sound bites and talking points that never really take a position or say anything. Phil speaks honestly and openly.
  • Knowledgeable, confident, highly-articulate and comfortable in front of a camera or behind a microphone. Quick-witted, personable.
  • He’s an authoritative, experienced voice regarding the intersection of faith, media and culture.
  • Consults some of the country’s largest and most well-known ministries on how to engage and participate in today’s media-driven culture.

New Book:
The Way Back: How Christians Blew Our Credibility and How We Get It Back

On a dusty hilltop, Jesus kickstarted His church with a ragtag group of fishermen, who called themselves “The Way.” Truth be told, the architects of Christianity were a bunch of nobodies. Like us, they were powerless and flawed and sometimes petty. But, they were committed. They were all-in.

Within a remarkably short time, ‘The Way’ became the world’s most influential religious faith―a force in culture, politics, literature, science, philanthropy, and the arts. Against impossible odds, that group of nobodies astonished the world.

Two thousand years later―by any measure―Christianity is retreating on all fronts. ‘The Way’ has lost its way.

In The Way Back, media and marketing experts Phil Cooke and Jonathan Bock take a hard look at the church and the zeal we seem to have lost for our product. Where’s the passion, the excitement and the commitment that two thousand years ago made such improbable and staggering growth possible?

The Way Back seeks to inspire and equip readers to learn from that wonderful group of nobodies, so that they can astonish the world once more.

Other books by this author

Branding Faith (March, 2008)
Unique (November, 2012)
One Big Thing (July, 2012)

Phil Cooke | Founder & CEO of Cooke Pictures

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