We’ve been blessed to work with some incredible authors.
Over 450 of them, in fact, over nearly two decades.
Theologians, historians, CEOs, pastors, politicians, philanthropists …
and plenty of everyday folks with powerful and inspiring stories to tell.
Just a few of them are below.

George Barna

Dr. George Barna

New York Times bestselling author of over 60 books and America’s preeminent faith and culture researcher
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Kenneth R. Harrison

CEO of Promise Keepers, author of A Daring Faith in a Cowardly World
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Mike Novotny

Lead speaker at Time of Grace Ministries, lead pastor at The CORE, author of What’s Big Starts Small and Taboo
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Mike Hogan

Marketing professional, co-author of Rebranding Christianity
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Dr. Michael Heiser

Speaker, bestselling author of The Unseen Realm

Robert J. Morgan

Former teaching pastor of The Donelson Fellowship in Nashville for over 40 years and bestselling, gold-medallion winning writer of 35 books, including The Red Sea Rules.

Dr. Michael Youssef

President of Leading the Way Ministries

Eric Metaxas

New York Times bestselling author of Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy and radio/TV/podcast host

Jack Graham

Senior pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, bestselling author

Bob Goff

Bob Goff

New York Times bestselling author of Love Does

Tara Leigh Cobble

Tara-Leigh Cobble

Bestselling author of The Bible Recap, host of The Bible Recap Podcast

Natasha Crain

Speaker, podcaster, author of Faithfully Different

Jack Countryman

Publisher and bestselling author of over 35 books and devotionals, selling over 30 million copies

Lt. Col. Oliver North (Ret.)

Lt. Col. Oliver North

Retired U.S. Marine, author, speaker

Kerby Anderson

Author, longtime award-winning syndicated radio host and president of Probe Ministries

O.S. Hawkins

Former pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, author of over 50 books, including his latest title, The Connection Code

Phil Cooke

Bestselling author, filmmaker, CEO of Cooke Pictures

Sean McDowell

Co-author of 12 Crucial Truths of the Christian Faith
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David L. Bahnsen

Founder of The Bahnsen Group, author of Full-Time: Work and the Meaning of Life

Hillary Morgan Ferrer

Author, Mama Bear Apologetics: Empowering Your Kids to Challenge Cultural Lies
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Brant Hansen

Radio and podcast host, author of Unoffendable
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Jefferson Bethke

Author, Fighting Shadows

Jon Tyson

Author, Fighting Shadows

Bill Bennett

Former Secretary of Education, author of The American Patriot’s Almanac, America: The Last, Best Hope; The Book of Man

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

Speaker, author of Love & Respect

Dr. Tony Evans

Pastor, speaker, author, The Urban Alternative

Dennis Allen

Author of The Disciple Dilemma

Dr. Larry Arnn

President of Hillsdale College, author of The Founders’ Key

Bruce Ashford

Author of Letters to an American Christian

Kenneth J. Barnes

Professor, author of Redeeming Capitalism

David Barton

President of Wallbuilders, author of U-Turn: Restoring American to the Strength of Her Roots and The Jefferson Lies

Sam Black

Director of Recovery Education at Covenant Eyes, author of The Healing Church
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Dr. Darrell Bock

Author of Truth Matters

Connor Boyack

President of Libertas Institute, author and executive producer of The Tuttle Twins series

Jason Carver

Author, 40 Day Stand for Marriage Restoration
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James Coates

James Coates

Pastor, co-author of God vs. Government: Taking a Biblical Stand When Christ and Compliance Collide

Senator Tom Coburn

Author of The Debt Bomb

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Physician, researcher, speaker, author of Sacred Rest

Daniel Darling

Pastor, speaker, director of The Land Center for Cultural Engagement, author of Agents of Grace

Molly DeFrank

Writer, author of Digital Detox

David S. Dockery

President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, co-author of Life, Marriage and Religious Liberty

David Dusek

Founder of Rough Cut Men Ministries, author of The Battle

David Eaton

CEO and co-founder of Axis, co-author of Engaging Your Teen’s World

Elyse Fitzpatrick

Speaker, biblical counselor, author

Susy Flory

New York Times bestselling author

Peter Greer

President & CEO of Hope International

Todd Hampson

Speaker, author, illustrator, co-host of the Prophecy Pros podcast

Bob Hasson

Businessman, consultant, podcaster, author of Shortcuts

Carolyn Custis James

Speaker, Author of Finding God in the Margins

Billie Jauss

Podcaster, Author of Distraction Detox and Baseball Family
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Randy Kay

Author, Heaven Stormed

Jeff Kinley

Speaker, co-host of the Prophecy Pros podcast, author of God’s Grand Finale and The End of the World According to Jesus of Nazareth
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Justice Kuehl

Author, Feminist to Feminine

Rabbi Steve Leder

Bestselling author, More Beautiful Than Before

Ben Locke

Author, In Our Suffering, Lord Be Near

John Matthews

Security expert, author of School Safety 101 and Mass Shootings

Lindsey Medenwaldt

Author, Director of Ministry Operations at Mama Bear Apologetics
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Lucas Miles

Speaker, Host, Author of Good God: The One We Want to Believe In but Are Afraid to

Mike Nappa

Literary agent, author of Reflections for the Grieving Soul

Philip Nation

Publisher, author of Habits for Our Holiness

Dr. Jessica Peck

Nurse practitioner, clinical professor at Baylor University, radio host, author of Behind Closed Doors

Joel Penton

CEO & Founder of LifeWise, author of During School Hours
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Dennis Rainey

Author of The Art of Parenting, longtime FamilyLife Radio host

Daniel Ritchie

Pastor, speaker, author

Chad Robichaux

Co-founder of Mighty Oaks Warriors Foundation

Tara Ross

Author of The Indispensable Electoral College

Delta Force Sgt. Major (Ret.) Tom Satterly

Co-founder of All Secure Foundation

Steven K. Scott

Bestselling author of The Richest Man Who Ever Lived and The Joseph Principles

John I. Snyder

Pastor, speaker, author of Resenting God: Escape the Downward Spiral of Blame

Preston Sprinkle

Speaker, podcaster, author of Embodied

Glenn Stanton

Director of Global Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family, author of Loving my (LGBT) Neighbor

Greg Stier

Founder and president of Dare 2 Share Ministries

John Stonestreet

Speaker, author, president of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview

Buck Storm

Singer-songwriter, author of The Light

Christy Chavers Stutzman

Indiana State Representative, small business owner, music composer, author of The Spiritual Price of Political Silence
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Anthony B. Thompson

Pastor, author of Called to Forgive

Brian Tome

Pastor, author of Move Devotional: A Guide for Men to Get Up and Go Forward

Mark Walker

Author, The Multiplication Factor

Dr. Christian Widener

Entrepreneur, engineer, researcher, author of The Temple Revealed

Shane Winnings

Author, CEO of Promise Keepers
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David M. Young

Author of Alive in the Spirit and Extreme Discipleship