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  • Received his Bachelor of Arts degree in the field of religion from Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, California.
  • Earned his Master of Theology and Master of Divinity degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey.
  • Gained his Doctor of Theology degree magna cum laude in New Testament Studies from the University of Basel, Switzerland, where he studied with world-renowned, academically acclaimed professors Bo Reicke, Markus Barth, Martin Schmidt, and Jan Milic Lochman.
  • Studied German at the Goethe-Institut in Germany.
  • Is a lead author, adviser, and weekly contributor on
  • Has appeared on Fox News Channel, Focus on the Family with Jim Daly, and Insight with Paul Arthur on Miracle TV.
  • Has been on Christian Devotions Speak Up! with Scott McCausey and on the podcasts Theology Mix Radio, Ordinary Pastors, and After the Sermon, among others.
  • Has contributed articles to academic journals and newspapers including Theology Today, Dialog, Theologische Zeitschrift, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, The Washington Times, and others.
  • Served on the adjunct faculty of New College Berkeley as well as the World Journalism Institute.

New Book
Resenting God: Escape the Downward Spiral of Blame

In our current social climate of growing distrust and escalation of hatred and personal losses, resentment and anger are on the rise. Resenting God offers the time-tested exit route from the lethal clutches of bitterness into a life of joyful faith and hope in a loving and gracious God. It exposes how resentment and disillusionment, leading inevitably to other destructive emotions, is a great deluder and is itself often based upon a great delusion—resentment against the Creator himself. We are blamers, and we blame God for life’s most painful and depressing experiences.

Snyder discusses the causes and consequences of resentment, and the cures for resentment against God. Ultimately, the way out comes in knowing who God is and realizing that far from abandoning us in our hard times, he is the one who rescues us.

Why It’s Relevant

In a world plagued by senseless violence, injustice, pain, and discrimination, it can be hard not to blame God and even harder not to move away from religion completely. Shootings are no longer surprising. Hate crimes and discrimination still exist. People still die of starvation. And people are scrambling away from the church. Our culture is increasingly resentful, hurting, and confused about God. Atheism is on the rise, political frustration and uncertainties have created heated conflict, and violence is a daily fear for many parents of school aged children — this increases the poison of resentment in general.

A recent Pew research study found that Christians are leaving the church across nearly all demographics and denominations. Are violence and conflicts distracting from the true face of God and therefore pushing practitioners away from the faith? In such a tumultuous world, we need to be reminded it’s okay to be angry with God and be reminded of His love even when it’s difficult to see past the pain and anger.


Have you ever been told that you shouldn’t complain about God or feel any resentment or bitterness toward him? I’m here to tell you: that is a lie. I’ll even go further and state an unpopular truth—sometimes we are actually taught to believe this lie. The pastor teaches us this lie. Church leaders teach us this lie. Even the larger institution of church teaches us this lie. I don’t mean to fault or point fingers at the pastors and leaders who preach this lie because I think they are probably living out the same lie that they’ve been taught—that we should lie about how we really feel, for Jesus’ sake. There’s so much wrong with this thinking, and it does great damage to the reputation of the body of Christ as those who are called to be honest and trustworthy people. Yes, we may put on a bright smile on our grief and quote Job and the psalmists ad nauseam in church, but those on the outside looking in don’t buy the false advertising. Why? Because it’s not real.

God is the only Being who doesn’t take our tempers and rages personally. This can be hard for us to understand, because when someone attacks us (especially when we’re innocent), our initial reaction is to respond in kind, and sometimes to totally destroy the offender! God is above all of this. The bigger person doesn’t take revenge on someone who attacks them, and God is always the bigger person. So whatever we throw at him, however unpleasant or harsh or ill advised it might be, he is not hurt or offended. He will not walk away from you. He can take it. In fact, he’s the only One who can.

This Book Is For:

  • Disillusioned Christians feeling let down by God.
  • Those who have done everything God asked, but still feel as if they are being punished by God.
  • Those who have experienced the loss of a spouse, child, friend, or parent.
  • People in marginalized groups — LGBTQ, immigrants, victims of violence, the impoverished — who are told they are unwelcome.
  • Those who have fallen away from the church.
  • Readers who are atheists, skeptics, and those who simply don’t like God.
  • Divorcees and people who are struggling in their marriage.

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