John Matthews

Dallas, TX



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Founder, Community Safety Institute | Decorated Police Veteran | Law Enforcement Analyst

  • Nation’s pre-eminent mass shootings expert
  • Highly-decorated, 30-yr law enforcement veteran
  • Extensive study of all mass shooting events in the United States since 1980
  • Founder of the Community Safety Institute in Dallas, TX
  • Has worked with local, state and federal agencies on response models and provided training to thousands of corporations, schools and law enforcement officers across the country
  • Has conducted hundreds of campus safety assessments, developed crisis response plans, and formed threat assessment teams

Recent book:
School Safety 101: Preparing Schools and Protecting Students

School safety does not have to be expensive, but it must be a priority on every campus. School Safety 101 addresses all of the essential elements of school safety and security. Beginning with how to create a culture of safety throughout the school district, it presents proactive safety planning initiatives for school personnel, services for students who are at risk for violence, and the establishment of comprehensive threat assessment and response protocols. There is information on standard crisis response drills, and the importance of educational administrators working together with law enforcement officials to ensure school safety. With a chapter on the nationally-renowned RAIN model of crisis response, the book also includes an ESCAPE crisis response model developed after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Parkland School Shooting

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