S. Todd Townsend

Wilmington, DE


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Educator | Speaker | Ministry Consultant | Musician

  • 35 years of ministry experience
  • Doctor of Education (Educational Leadership) –
    Wilmington University
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (Couple and Family
    Therapy) – Drexel University
  • Three Masters Degrees (Biblical Studies, Urban
    Ministry, Missional Theology)
  • Has spoken at universities, conferences across U.S.
  • Has led his congregation in the planting of multiple
    churches and church campuses.
  • 10+ years of experience as an individual, couples
    and family therapist
  • Experience as a radio and television host

New Book:
Getting Up From Being Down

Ever been down in life? Really down? S. Todd Townsend knows down. Raised in inner-city Philadelphia, in a home with a loving mother and an abusive stepfather, he experienced the hard life, the cons and the law of the streets as a law-breaking, drug-dealing rabble-rouser, stealing cars and breaking into people’s homes. He was nothing more than a common thug.
But when he heard the Gospel, heard that Christ’s death and resurrection was for him, he surrendered control of his life to God, who transformed him. Nothing has been the same since. Now a pastor, an educator and a musician, Todd uses the story of his life to illustrate the necessity of getting back up and staying up, of holding on to the thread of hope, even in the dark chapters of life.

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