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Daniel Ritchie was born without arms and told for years that he was a hopeless mistake, woefully insufficient and unable to lead a full life. Though, as a pastor, writer, sought-after conference speaker, above-average driver, husband and father, who enjoys wrestling with his kids, reading, drinking coffee, watching football and enjoying the outdoors … it seems he’s having the last laugh.

He relishes any opportunity to encourage others and share his story and Lord.

New Book:

Adversity can lead to doubt at the deepest levels. Comparing ourselves to others who (seem or pretend to) have it “all together,” can lead us to wonder ‘what’s wrong with me?’ Our troubles and obstacles many times seem beyond our ability to conquer. And tackling every day tasks, let alone things like purpose, love, or faith, can seem an impossibility.

This was all once the case, too, for Daniel Ritchie. Daniel was born without arms.

In My Affliction, Daniel explains how he found identity, value and purpose and was freed from the debilitating comparisons and limits placed on him by others. His story will undoubtedly inspire readers to tackle life’s challenges with grace and creativity.


  • Middle school and high school students are struggling today with identity in a way they never have before
  • In a pro-choice culture, Daniel’s story points to the value of every life
  • The proliferation of the ‘why me?’ culture of entitlement, victimhood
  • Culture’s proclivity to encourage and welcome those confused by/angry with God into a permanent state of disillusionment, bitterness
  • God has always used the different and marginalized among us to advance His story. How is that true today?
  • Addictions of all types – drugs, alcohol, pornography – are rampant and leave those God loves feeling incapacitated

No Arms, No Problem

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