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President/Founder, Mighty Oaks Foundation | Author & Speaker | Former Special Ops Force Recon Marine | Former MMA World Champion

  • Former Special Ops Force Recon Marine, veteran of eight deployments to Middle East
  • Former law enforcement officer
  • Board Certified Pastoral Counselor with a focus on PTSD
  • Speaks at events, conferences, churches across the country
  • Experience doing national television, radio
  • Has testified in Veterans’ Court regarding combat trauma and PTSD

New Book:
The Truth about PTSd

Though trauma is not exclusively a combat issue, the War on Terror has put a spotlight on PTSd. Our responses to the abnormal events of trauma were designed to help humans survive and protect themselves… that’s not a disorder, but a blessing.

The question is, with the mountain of valid research compiled on Post Traumatic Stress, how do we move forward?

The answer is found in understanding how we’re created. There is hope and freedom on the other side of trauma, but not until you understand some essential truths that will make that freedom possible.

Other Books by Chad Robichaux

An Unfair Advantage (July, 2017)
Path to Resiliency (February, 2017)
Marriage Advance (Sept, 2015)
Redeployed (2013)

I Am Second

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