Bobby Harrington

Franklin, TN


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Pastor | Author

  • 32 years as a lead pastor
  • Author of 10 books on discipleship
  • Co-founder of 3 national disciple-making organizations
  • Leader of the National Disciple-Making Forums

New Book:
Trust and Follow Jesus: Discipleship Conversations

This book puts in practice Dallas Willard’s dictum – “the Jesus you preach, the gospel you uphold, and the faith you coach will determine the disciple you get.” It provides a basis for conversations about the elementary teachings of the Bible for both newcomers and mature disciples. It also helps people to approach the faith on an objective basis, with a soft apologetic that leads, through discussions, to helping people commit to trust and follow Jesus with their lives.

Other Books by Bobby Harrington:

The Disciple Maker’s Handbook: Seven Elements of a Discipleship

DiscipleShift: Five Steps that Help Your Church to Make Disciples Who Make Disciples

Discipleship That Fits: The Five Kind of Relationships God Uses to Help Us Grow

Dedicated: Training Your Children to Trust and Follow Jesus

Becoming a Desciple Maker: The Pursuit of Level 5 Desciple Making

Conviction and Civilty: Thinking and Communicating Clearly About What the Bible Teaches

Baptism: What the Bible Teaches

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